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Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life® - The Deluxe Lost Stories Edition DVD - OUR MOST POPULAR ITEM!

"The best baseball program ever made!" - USA Today, The NY Daily News, The Washington Post, Newsday, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Today Show, Larry King Live, ESPN, the Associated Press, The Knight-Ridder Syndicate, Yankees Radio and more! (For more reviewer's quotes scroll down the page.)

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The Deluxe Lost Stories Edition DVD is the most comprehensive Mickey Mantle package ever assembled. This spectacular DVD includes the complete two-hour expanded edition of the award-winning BILLBOARD Magazine #1 Best-Seller plus the all-new on-screen bonus feature, "A Fan's Guide to Mickey Mantle" - almost 200 pages of on-screen DVD only added material!

Here's what you get in this all-inclusive DVD Deluxe Edition DVD:

1) The original hour-long award-winning BILLBOARD Magazine national best-seller "Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life®," plus

2) An all-new bonus hour - "Mickey Mantle: The Lost Stories" - that expands the original program with over 20 more of Mickey's stories from the original interview sessions, selected for release by The Mick himself, and

3) "A Fan's Guide to Mickey Mantle" - the DVD's comprehensive guide and reference resource to Mickey and his career, with nearly 200 on-screen pages of biographical information, stats, baseball card guide, home run stories, photos and more!

In this two-hour award-winning program, The Mick tells his own story in his own words - without a narrator or interviewer interrupting - capturing Mickey's warmth, humor, charisma and humility. Both programs are included in their entirety - not a single frame is omitted. (For complete information about program content CLICK HERE to go to our web site's description and content outline.)

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As a special DVD only bonus, we've included the nearly 200 page on-screen guide, "A Fan's Guide to Mickey Mantle" - A complete reference resource and guide offered only on DVD! Included are:

• Mini-Biography: a short biography of Mickey's life.

• FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): The answers to thirty of the questions fans most frequently ask about Mickey.

• Topps® Baseball Card Gallery: Mickey Topps® baseball cards from 1952-1969, with a description and history of each one.

• Mickey Quotes: Over 100 quotes by and about Mickey.

• Mickey Quiz: Over 100 quiz questions to test your knowledge about Mickey.

• Complete Home Run List: Every one of Mickey's regular season, World Series and All-Star Game home runs.

• Lifetime Statistics: Mickey's lifetime stats.

• World Series Statistics: Mickey's World Series stats.

• Mickey's 10 Longest Home Runs: The story behind Mickey's ten longest home runs, with photos and diagrams.

It's all included here in the most comprehensive Mickey Mantle package ever assembled! Enjoy it with all of the benefits of DVD:

• High-Resolution Image
• Digitally Remastered Picture & Sound
• Easy Access to Your Favorite Stories & Footage
• Long-lasting Disk Format - Virtually Unbreakable
• Quality that Doesn't Degrade
• Easy Storage

This two-hour Mickey Mantle extravaganza (two complete hour-long programs plus "A Fan's Guide to Mickey Mantle" - additional DVD only special features, comprehensive reference materials and resources) is list priced at $39.95. SPECIAL: Save $10 off the suggested retail price - ONLY $29.95! Order your copy now and enjoy visiting with The Mick in your own home.

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Here's more of what reviewers and critics are saying:

"Captivating, compelling and thoroughly enjoyable - a baseball fan's dream come true!" - Yankees Radio

"This is The Mick! It's like having him in your own home." - Tom Sturdivant - Former Yankees pitcher & close Mantle friend

"Even a Yankee hater can love it!" - The Boston Globe

"Beautifully done! A spectacular portrayal of a true American idol, in his own words." - Donald Trump, the Trump Organization

"Staggeringly complete!" - The Washington Post-Los Angeles Times Syndicate

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Watch some video clips from the Deluxe Edition DVD - CLICK HERE!

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